Sunday, July 15, 2012

Carlee's 3rd Birthday Party at ASI Gymnastics

 Carlee and Papa - ready for the party!!!!

 Having fun on the trampoline
 Making popcorn (that included varieties of candy, instruments, and ice) with Kendra, Kristen, Coach Sydney and Coach Sam
 Walking like giraffes
 Swinging on the rope
 Cade having fun playing in the pit
 Cousin Cayden swinging very high on the rope

 Peyton, Cade and Christopher and their Mommas getting ready for parachute time
 Making waves with the parachute - they were at the beach and Carlee kept saying there were sharks at her beach

 Carlee having a blast being the center of attention and in the middle of the parachute while we all lifted her up and down

Laying under the parachute

 Carlee being lifted up by Coach Sam while music from the Lion King played in the background (same song when Mufasa held up Simba after he was born)
 Carlee and Lily getting ready for cake

 Everyone signing Happy Birthday

 Don't worry Cade - you will get a piece of cake!
 Present time!!!!
Thank you everyone for coming to my party!!!
Carlee and Coach Sydney - who is also her weekly Tiny Tots Coach

This was a fantastic party!!!!!   Not only did the coaches take care of everything (including decorating the room, playing amazing games and really entertaining the kids, help open presents and writing down what she got, cutting the cake and cleaning up - I mean everything), but the kids had a blast!!!  It was such a stress free party and Carlee truly enjoyed every minute of it.  They made her feel extremely special (which she is, of course!).  What a great birthday party!!!!!!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Carlee is going to be a Big SISTER!!!!!

This post is a little late! Due date is Oct 22nd and It's a BOY!!!!!!!!!!!  We are so excited and can't wait to meet little Travis Royce Cheyne in Oct.  He is named after both grandfathers, my dad, Travis and Craig's dad, Royce.  Definitely a good strong Texas name!  Carlee is thrilled about being a big sister and constantly gives her little brother lots of hugs and kisses.  The nursery is really starting to come together and I will post pictures of it soon!  No signs of placenta previa at this point (25 weeks) and praying for a smooth pregnancy throughout the 3rd trimester and that he continues to stay healthy in momma's belly for as long as possible.  No dramatic entrance in the world, please!  Leave the drama to your sister!!!!